Thursday, June 11, 2015

iOS 9 Jailbreak Features Borrowed From Cydia

Talking about iOS 9 jailbreak features the recent reports state that Apple took some from jailbreak tweaks and turned them into stock features in its latest iOS release. After new OS release the question about the iOS 9 jailbreak rose. However there are some new features that dosn't require jailbreaking process.

Here are all features that according to reports Apple copied from jailbreak tweaks in iOS 9.

Dark / Night Mode

iOS has lately taken the bright route with its UI elements. Addition of a dark / night mode as an option would go a long way with users who want more control over the aesthetics of Apple’s mobile OS.

Eclipse is a tweak that enables dark mode theme on iOS devices, and it will be great to have this feature on iOS 9 device.

Customizable Control Center Toggles

Control Center debuted with iOS 7, and although it has gained some improvements in the UI department, there’s still a lot more space to perfect. And that improvement can be made in allowing users to add or remove different toggles for settings.

FlipControlCenter is tweak Apple could some options for iOS 9 Control Center. This tweak allows users to replace the stock Control Center toggles (such as WiFi, Bluetooth) with something more befitting – such as VPN, Location Services etc.

One-Handed Keyboard

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are big devices. Apple will gain the feature called Reachability which will users to reach elements at the top of the display.

The HandKey jailbreak tweak has this option and brings squeezed the keyboard on one side of the screen – either left or right – so you can use your phone one-handed.

Quick Reply In Third-Party Apps

Quick Reply is a great feature that was developed in iOS 8, but currently it is not improved. It works great with the native Messages app by letting users answer inline right from the incoming notification. But if you’re using a third-party messaging app, you will have to launch the app itself and reply from there.

According to rumors Apple will allow third-party messaging apps to access the real ‘Quick Reply’ feature as many jailbreak tweaks offer.

Widgets / Glances In Reachability View

The rumors say that Apple company will also gain the Reachability screen as in WidgetCenter tweak. The Reachability screen can be used to display useful info at glance, like Today widgets or Apple Watch-like Glances.

Apple Watch-like Advanced Power Down Menu

The last iOS 9 jailbreak features is borrowed from Apple Watch. The wearable device has a great power down menu which offers more options than just plain old ‘power off’ in iOS. Like in BetterPowerDown tweak there will be three separate sliders: for powering down, for rebooting and for respringing iOS device.


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