Friday, June 12, 2015

iOS 9 Jailbreak Download Links to Be Available from Chinese Keen Team?

Jailbreak iOS 9 is one of the most discussed topics in the jailbreaking community [here is how to download iOS 9 beta 1 ipsw and install it on your phone or tablet]. This firmware that only exists as beta at the moment is the key to final iOS 9 jailbreak release date and earlier versions jailbreak, including iOS 8.4, 8.3, 8.2 and 8.1.3. Why? Several hacker groups reported that it is possible to untether these firmwares however they are all most likely to present the tools only after Apple upgrades the OS.

Soon after TaiG team reported they began finding the iOS 9 jailbreak tool, another Chinese group known as Keen Team also assured it jumped onboard for the same task. The report also calls this hacker group as K33n Team.

When will we possibly see iOS 9 jailbreak Keen Team launch? Sources say in the fall and this is understood because the public mobile OS should be released only in several months from now. The team is well-known in the world. It managed to win both Mobile Pwn2Pwn competitions back in 2013 and 2014. They used to hack Safari and now they want to switch to iOS jailbreaking.

This group is also good at rooting Samsung Android-based phones. It might also cooperate with Pangu to work on the iOS 9 jailbreak. Pangu, by the way, is now creating the solution for tethering or untethering iOS 8.3.

While TaiG is also trying to present the jailbreak for iOS 9, K33n assures it won’t work with TaiG [we don’t know the reasons].

The community is given new hope that everything will finally happen and once Apple unveils the next operating system for its mobile devices to public – we might see one or even two jailbreak tools for iOS 9 from TaiG, Pangu and Keen Team with free iOS 9 jailbreak download links.

Maybe other hackers would also take this challenge. The more teams are in the game – the more chances for firmware 9 iPhone and iPad jailbreaking.


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