Wednesday, June 17, 2015

iOS 9 Hack Allows Playing Games on iPad [Video]

Apple unveiled the new iOS 9 beta 1 and we have already heard the first news about iOS 9 hack. There is a trick that allows iPad users enjoy Doom game. Right now, as you know, there are no applications or iOS 9 games optimized for this latest firmware which is available in testing stage only. Still some hackers found a way how to change this.

It is risky to update to iOS 9 and still you can download the first iOS 9 beta even without UDID. You don’t have to be a registered developer to test the current Apple mobile firmwares meant for its iDevices. Besides, if you are aware of some interesting hacks you might also be able to play Doom iPad game or other games like someone already did.

There is no iOS 9 jailbreak at the moment but it is still possible to trick the system and do what you want to do. There is the cool Picture-in-Picture option introduced in the firmware and using it you can watch video files and play games in a small screen on your tablet.

The trick was performed by Adam Bell who develops applications in India. He used the new mode and played the Doom game over other applications and even above iOS 9 Springboard. What else is required for this to happen? Public API should be used as well.

As Bell explained, you can use API and play any game / app in a PIP window. Here is how it works in the video:

This iOS 9 hack is safe and looks neat. No one knows when the jailbreak becomes available and while testing the operating system in the summertime [it will be officially launched in the fall] some developers and users might also like to play games on their iPads.


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