Thursday, June 4, 2015

iCloud Service Down For Couple Of Hours

The recent reports confirm about iCloud service down together with Apple server and Stores. The pages show “no reported issues at this time”. What is interesting this problem touched not several users.

 Some users have been unable to install App Store updates and download apps, while others have been dealing with iCloud verification codes not working when signing into the web interface.

Currently experiencing downtime of iCloud services happens in the United States, Canada and other countries, and issue became widespread during this morning. A huge amount of users have posted on Twitter and on other social media platforms that they were not able to sign into iCloud account or access related services such as Find My iPhone and Mail. iTunes has also been experiencing an outage since at least 8:30 AM Pacific and many users were complaining about this issue and when it will be fixed.

It is not the first time when such problem appears. Apple services have experienced multiple instances of downtime in recent months, including a prolonged App Store and iTunes outage in early March, and subsequent downtime in late March, followed by a TestFlight outage for developers in May.

Historically Apple company has been rather slow at updating it system status page to reflect any ongoing issues, usually doing so few minutes after issues begin.

It’s safe to assume Apple was acknowledged with these issues and currently they fixed some services. According to reports iCloud service down issue was resolved and now it is back online.


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