Thursday, June 18, 2015

How to Search for Text on iPhone in Apps [Jailbreak Tweak]

The number of iOS 8 jailbreak tweaks 2015 is going to grow while Apple is testing iOS 8 beta 4 and also working on iOS 9 release. If you wish to search for text in apps on your iPhone or iPad you can use one great tweak from Cydia store that makes everything fast and simple.

The program uses Activator to help user create fast search for a text on the iOS 8 Lock screen and inside any application. This is not a free tool though. It costs $0.99 so if you are ready to spend this much on an iOS 8 tweak – read the instruction on how to use the program and what it really offers.

How to Search for Text on iPhone

Step 1. Launch Cydia store. Its popular and public BigBoss repository has a lot of tweak titles to choose from.

Step 2. Find ControlF program created for iOS 8 platform.

Step 3. Download and install the tweak but note that it might have some problems according to some users (it doesn't seem to support all applications).

Step 4. The program comes without any configurations. You just need to assign any Activator gesture to invoke ControlF. Use Settings – Activator to do this. It is fast and simple.

Step 5. Use the Activator gesture you have assigned and the window will appear prompting you to type any search query.

Step 6. After you entered the text you can click on Search option.

Step 7. The search works on both Lock screen and inside the applications. You can also choose Google if you want to search it. Such a button is also available with this tweak.

Step 8. If the tool finds the matching text it will appear in the red box.

Step 9. Unfortunately this iOS 8 tweak doesn’t work with all the applications. It works in Settings, Notes, Messages and similar apps but it stops working in Safari and a big number of other programs, including Mail.


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