Thursday, June 18, 2015

How to Hide Conversations in Messages on iOS 8 iPhone [Jailbreak Tweak]

Discover a new iOS 8 Messages tweak if you have a jailbroken iPhone and wish to hide iPhone conversations with ease. This is a great program for anyone who needs an opportunity to choose and hide particular conversation threads on their ‘fruit’ smartphone with the help of Cydia store.

The official App Store doesn’t have as many useful tools as the unofficial jailbreakable program store called Cydia which is installed on your Home screen after you perform iOS 8 jailbreak with TaiG, PP Jailbreak or Pangu program. Follow the guide below to automatically hide Messages you receive from some contacts.

How to Hide Conversations in Messages

Step 1. Cydia store is full of different tweaks and tricks that can make your iPhone unique and simple to use. Some of them are free and others are not. iPicar is the useful tweak that costs $1.55 on the BigBoss repo. Download it if you think it can be handy.

Step 2. Install the tweak.

Step 3. Launch Settings and find the new pane that belongs to iPicar.

Step 4. Enable the program.

Step 5. You have an option to choose the contact or contacts in order to hide message and conversations you receive from these people. You can get all your contacts after you launch Contacts section. Toggle on each contact to hide its conversations.

Step 6. You will find two fields you have to fill in. One is for the passcode that will unhide all messages you receive. The other one will hide specific messages on iOS 8 platform. Create both passcodes and remember them.

Step 7. All the changes are applied automatically without the need to respring.

Step 8. Lock your iPhone. When you unlock it you have to only enter your ‘hide’ passcode and this way you will hide unwanted conversations. Enter the ‘unhide’ passcode and all the messages will re-appear.


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