Monday, June 29, 2015

How to Extend iOS 8 Battery Life with Jailbreak Tweak

It will be soon possible to improve battery life iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in iOS 9 firmware. This 2015 update that Apple should release in the fall will come with a cool Low Power option capable of extending your iDevice battery life for a couple of hours. Isn’t it cool? Still there is no need to wait until the Cupertino-based giant introduces its next iOS 9 because there is one interesting iOS 9 battery life jailbreak tweak that can help you right away.

There is a tweak that works similar to the future firmware 9 version and imitates the longer battery life on iOS 8 platform. It uses a different method but it promises the desired result.

How to Extend iOS 8 Battery Life

Step 1. Download Power Saver Mode tweak from Cydia store [it is available through repository source you’ll have to add to your list of repos]. This jailbreak app can make your iOS 8 iPhone battery last longer.

Step 2. Turn on the program. You can do this through Settings menu – General – Usage option – Battery Usage – Power Saving Mode.

Step 3. When the tool is enabled you will automatically get a lot of features being disabled. The program turns off Location Services, application Refresh in the Background. Users who are using Wi-Fi connection will have Cellular Data being off. The program also enables such features as Reduce Motion and Increase Contrast.

Step 4. With the tweak working on your jailbroken iOS 8 iPhone 6 or other model you will find your battery icon being yellow. This means the new mode is turned on. This is what reminds of the iOS 9 Low Power feature.

Step 5. If you turn off the tweak or connect to the power source your new battery life saving mode will be disabled and all the settings will automatically return to default.


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