Monday, June 1, 2015

How to Change iOS 8 Lock Screen Clock on iPhone [Jailbreak Tweak]

Would you like to use one interesting iOS 8 Lock screen clock tweak on your iPhone and create a cute-looking clock on the smartphone? This works for you if you have a jailbroken handset [learn how to set up iOS 8 Cydia repos] meaning you should be running iOS 8.1.2 or below versions because iOS 8.3, 8.2 and 8.1.3 are currently non-jailbreakable.

Follow the guide on how to change Lock screen clock iPhone option and get great-looking clock on the device with ease. This is extremely easy because jailbreaking tweaks are fun and quick to use.

How to Create Stylish iOS 8 Lock Screen Clock

Step 1. Launch Cydia store on your device and download Aeuria LS tweak. You can get it for free.

Step 2. The program installs its pane to your Settings app. It offers Style, Clock Face and other features you can try.

Step 3. You can select one of the three clock styles [digital, text and analog] offered by the tool. They will replace your Lock screen clock. Besides you are able to choose the text style and clock type.

Step 4. Remember to turn on the program in Settings.

Step 5. After you adjust the settings to your taste your original clock will be replaced with the free stylish one brought by Aeuria LS.

Step 6. It is worth to note that the tool brings animation to your device. It works when you are swiping the Lock screen and about to enter your password.

All the details and little things added by the developer are very cute and made with love. Blur effect, transparency, different colors for background and clock face – all these features are available within the tweak.

Customize your iPhone the way you want. This is simple and quick if you know some great free jailbreak apps available in the BigBoss repo on Cydia.


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