Wednesday, June 3, 2015

How to Cancel Sending a Message on iOS 8 iPhone [Jailbreak Tweak]

Sometimes you might really need to cancel sending text message on iPhone when you chose a wrong person or changed your mind. Is there a way how to complete this task? Everything is possible if you have a jailbroken handset that is running iOS 8 firmware. This works on all handsets beginning with iPhone 4S and up to 6 Plus version.

We’ll tell you how to cancel sending text on iPhone. This is simple and pretty fast if you know which tweak to download and use. Keep on reading and you’ll learn everything about undo sending text iPhone issue and how to fix it.

How to Cancel Sending a Message on iOS 8

Step 1. There is a jailbreak tweak on Cydia called Dele. You can get it on the BigBoss repository for free but to use its preference’s pane you’ll have to pay $2.99.

Step 2. After the tool is installed you can go to the Settings pane and turn it on.

Step 3. The tweak delays message delivery giving you some time to cancel (stop) the text from being delivered. This is a great feature and starts working once the program is enabled.

Step 4. You can choose the delay time and even adding Activator gesture if you want to turn on / off the tweak manually.

Step 5. How does everything work? You launch Messages program and begin composing text. There will be a pop-up window with editing tools you can use. After hitting ‘Send’ option you will see the progress bar that shows the time left for your text to be delivered. When you want to stop delivery you should simply erase your message [hit the trash option or erase the texts] before time runs out.

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