Monday, June 22, 2015

Hack Apple WatchOS 1.0 For UIKit Apps Native Running

According to recent news one developer has managed to hack Apple watchOS 1.0 for UIKit apps. As it is already known last week trio of Cydia developers, Jay Freeman( aka saurik ), Steve Troughton-Smith and Adam Bell have hacked the Apple Watch on watchOS 2 successfully to run UIKit & SceneKit apps on the wearable device.

What is more just a few days after that they ported Canabalt and Flappy Bird to run natively on the Apple wearable device.

Apple company has unveiled watchOS 2 for Apple Watch during its WWDC 2015 Keynote. This new update will let third-party apps run natively on the wearable device for better performance. With watchOS 2.0 update, Apple promoted the possibility to run truly native apps on Apple Watch. However, developers have revealed the fact that while logic code runs on the wearable, raw access to the user interface is not allowed with watchOS 2.0.

The last software update for Apple Watch even didn't allow to use superior frameworks like UIKit and SceneKit in the Watch apps like iPhone apps. watchOS 1 is even has much more restrictions.

But the Cydia developers trio proved that it was possible to run UIKit based apps on the Apple Watch running hacked watchOS 2. And as per recent reports Steve Troughton-Smith, has now successfully hacked Apple watchOS 1.0 for UIKit apps for running on his wearable device. Just like the hack done by trio, this one has be done without jailbreaking Apple Watch.

Steve has posted a confirmation tweet with the video of a UIKit based app running on his Apple Watch on watchOS 1.0.1. Steve has also added that watchOS 1.0 is really as app-friendly as the latest watchOS 2. Smith noted that developers can use the PepperUICore framework to build apps like the native systems apps, allowing Watch functions like Digital Crown scrolling to function.

It seems like for Steve and his friends hacking the Apple Watch brings a lot of fun. We will see what they are going to do further.


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