Friday, June 19, 2015

Hack Apple Watch For Flappy Bird Game Playing

Developer Hamza Sood managed to hack Apple Watch for Flappy Bird game. As it turns out, even though watchOS 2, that was released at WWDC 2015, allows developers to run apps natively on the Watch itself, developers don’t have access to UIKit and SpriteKit and instead must stick with WatchKit. But this fact didn't stop developers like Hamza Sood, Adam Bell and Steve Troughton-Smith from hacking Apple's wearable.

In result they managed to hack Watch to truly run apps natively on Apple Watch. And a day ago Hamza Sood released a video – on Twitter – showing his own Apple Watch running a cloned version of the famous Flappy Bird game. What makes the game so awesome is that it incorporates touch control and control through the Digital Crown. It may still not be as easy to play, but that doesn’t mean the fact it’s possible is any less cooler.

The game uses native SpriteKit rendering and features both touch screen control and Digital Crown support for moving the bird up and down to avoid obstacles. What is interesting ,the game also supports speaker output so that you can hear sound effects directly from your wearable.

The game loads fast and runs without any discernible lag or slowdown. That’s one of the benefits of running native code directly on the Apple Watch hardware itself.

Want to see what it looks and sounds like to have a game utilizing native frameworks, Digital Crown control, and speaker output on Apple Watch then Hamza Sood posted a tweet with video.

Apple’s release of watchOS 2 and iOS 9 betas last week have given developers their first crack at making really native Apple Watch apps rather than the half-baked version we have had to live with over the last few weeks.

So hack Apple Watch for Flappy Bird game successful effort is only the one of the first steps in revealing wearable possibilities. Having access to the Apple Watch’s hardware directly, developers will be able to create some highly responsive apps.


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