Friday, June 12, 2015

Apple Watch iCloud Activation Lock In WatchOS 2

All information about Apple Watch iCloud Activation Lock is provided in this post. Activation Lock is the Apple’s security feature that is available for IOS devices that run iOS 7 or later. The reports say that this feature is available on the Apple Watch with recently released watchOS 2 software update.

This security feature was really welcomed. As it was previously discovered and argued by many wearable owners that the Apple Watch really lacks this security feature. As Watch can easily become stolen according to some limitations in its software and its full dependency on iPhone for network connectivity.

Without Apple Watch iCloud activation feature, if someone steals your watch they can easily reset the device by holding down the side button and bypass the passcode. After the device restarts, it can then be paired with a new iPhone logged in to a different iCloud account.

Apple said that wearable owners will be able to protect their watches with iCloud Activation Lock in case it’s stolen. It also added that this security feature will be enabled in a refreshed Apple Watch companion app for the iPhone.

Activation Lock will secure information on your wearable device from prying eyes.

In case your Apple Watch is lost or stolen, a person will require to enter your iCloud Apple ID and password in order to use the device and access your wearable data.

Currently there is no clear information on how this Activation Lock for watchOS 2 will work. Maybe you will need to use the Find My iPhone app for iOS, or the Find My iPhone web app on, with the aim to disable your misplaced or stolen wearable remotely. WatchOS 2 includes Wi-Fi improvements. It means that this will allow the device to connect to wireless hotspots without tired iPhone. In the result iCloud will set a network connection to Watch and send a wipe request or remote lock.


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