Friday, June 5, 2015

Access violation at address 00AFB3AC in Module 'Skype/exe'. Read ofaddress 00000007

This post introduces you the way how to fix Skype iPhone crash problem. The complaining reports that hit the Web bring to light how Skype for mobile and Windows desktop can be crashed by just about anyone using a simple eight characters based string, leaving the victim’s app in a crashing loop. But there is the fix for this issue.

Unlike an earlier bug of a similar nature that crashed the iPhone Messages app, and another that had WhatsApp users in a twist, this particular Skype bug involves no special characters unlike the aforementioned.

Skype users receiving a message containing “http://:” become the victims of bug, as the app will continue to crash as long as that message resides in their chat history:

Access violation at address 00AFB3AC in Module 'Skype/exe'. Read ofaddress 00000007

What is more, on Windows, sending this message can also crash the app on the sender’s end.

Skype for the Windows 8.1 Metro app and Mac remain unaffected by this Skype iPhone crash problem. iOS and Android on the other hand are vulnerable and have their own weak points.

What is interesting the Skype Windows version keeps crashing with that message in the conversation history, but signing in with the same Skype ID on Android or iOS does not seem to touch the app at all. The Skype for iOS and Android ends up in a crash loop when it receives that particular message. But if send that message from your smartphone it will not bother the Skype app on your end.

Happily, a fix is available for anyone who faced with this bug on the said platforms. Skype was acknowledged with this issue and has launched an updated app for all affected platforms, rendering the bug redundant as of now.

So there is no need to uninstall Skype, you can sign in again. All you need is to go to and download the latest release of Skype for Windows, or go to the relevant app store on iOS and Android to update your existing Skype app.


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