Friday, May 1, 2015

Why To Jailbreak Apple Watch and When

Here you can learn all reasons why to jailbreak Apple Watch. The new watch is really powerful device, but it has some limitations. There are some software related features that can probably be enhanced by hacking the device.

It would be great to install third-party apps on Apple Watch and customize the device in every way. It will be possible with the Apple Watch jailbreak release.

Here are some other reasons why Apple Watch should be jailbroken:


Watch OS is pretty slick with the Home screen, watch faces, glances etc, that's why it would be cool to jailbreak it and install themes to change wearable look and feel. Cydia designers and developers can change the look and feel of Watch OS with their tweaks.

Custom Watch Faces 

Apple Watch has some watch faces, but their quantity is quite limited. So the ability to install custom watch faces would be great to make your Apple Watch unique.


By installing jailbreak tweaks Watch owners will be able to customize the device in every way.

Due to some Watch users reports they would like to increase the size of the app icons. As they say the size of the icons on Apple Watch’s Home screen are just too small for their fingers, and they often open the wrong app.

Other users claim that they want to change the default timeout setting. They state that when they move the wrist in “tell the time” position, it turns the screen on for 6 seconds, and then turns it off again. It is not enough time, for example, to read a message. It would be great to install tweak that will make this 6 seconds setting to 10 or even more.

Native Apple Watch apps

As it is known third-party Apple Watch apps are basically extensions of their iPhone counterparts. They aren’t Apple Watch native apps. The code that is running on the iPhone while the Apple Watch displays their user interface. As the result they’re limited in functionality, and not as powerful as they could be.

So the major reasons to jailbreak Apple Watch is to be able to install native apps developed by Cydia developers.

The last reason why to jailbreak Apple Watch is custom complications

Apple Watch has great feature that brings the ability to customize Watch face by letting user to change the individual elements. These elements are called complications and there are a variety included in the Watch OS such as Date, Calendar, Moon phase, Sunrise/sunset, Weather, Activity summary, Alarm, Timer, Stopwatch, Battery charge, World Clock, Expanded views of all the preceding features plus Stocks etc. Cydia developers can add more functionality to these Watch face features for quick and easy access to information.

The only question is left when hackers will be able to jailbreak Apple Watch?


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