Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Review Of Real iOS 9 Design Features

It is expected to see the real iOS 9 design at WWDC 2015, because according to rumors Apple will unveil the next mobile operating system. We all have already seen many concepts coming in from fans and design team. And here is iOS 9 features list that users would like to be implemented in next iOS platform.

It is said that Apple will be focusing on bug fixes and stability for iOS 9 and implementation of new features may take a back seat. Apple’s performed broader and deeper quality assurance testing that includes stricter stability and polish guarantees before new control center added to iOS 9. Apple will also plans to go on to reduce the firmware’s footprint on the device’s storage.

Although, the flying in the internet report claims that one visible change that will purportedly be made to iOS 9 will be in the Siri department. The report adds that Siri could be made more colorful as in Apple Watch.

It’s also expected that iOS 9 will come integrated with Apple’s brand new music service. iOS 8.4 software update has already brought the foundations for this music service.

According to a reports, Cupertino giant will replace Helvetica Neue system font in iOS 9 with the new San Francisco font, which is currently being used in Apple Watch OS.

San Francisco was developed by Apple engineers to make legibility less of an issue on a small device's screen. since that time the font has made the jump to the keyboard of the recently launched MacBook and all this means that the move from Helvetica Neue to San Francisco as the system font for both iOS and Mac OS X seems more of an inevitability than a possibility.

The next Apple's mobile operating system will gain one iPad specific features such as side-by-side multitasking, both for current iPads and the rumored 12-inch iPad.

There are several other notable changes that are rumored to be part of real iOS 9 design including Trusted Wi-Fi and apps taking less storage space. The report also says that Apple will gain performance improvement on older devices and a new Rootless security system, which is being described as high level feature for both OS X and iOS. With the last new feature it will probably make iOS 9 jailbreak very difficult to develop.


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