Wednesday, May 27, 2015

iPhone Connect To WiFi For Free With WifiMapper App

This post will describe how to connect iPhone to WiFi for free. Do you know about the free-to-download WifiMapper app for iPhone? It works as the world’s largest mobile database of entirely free-to-use wireless hotspots around the world.

Currently people have business, travel across the globe and Wi-Fi is extremely important to not only be able to keep in touch but to also not pay extremely high data bills when on foreign networks. Luckily, OpenSignal has us covered with WifiMapper making it almost impossible to be without a wireless connection no matter in what place we are.

As you understood WifiMapper is driven entirely by the location of the installed device that it is being ran on. that's why it’s very important to provide the app with the relevant Location Services permission that it requires.

 After providing permission to use your current location WifiMapper app will launch it nice map-based interface with green annotation pins, each of which indicates an available Wi-Fi hotspot in the immediate area.

Clicking on one of those locations and moving down for more information will provide information relating to the performance of the network if known, along with any passwords that may be required to access it. Each page also lets users improve the reliability of the information to make the app much better for all involved.

WifiMapper will help you to connect iPhone to WiFi for free anywhere in the world. Download WifiMapper app and get a ton of features, but it’s only available for iPhone users.


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