Monday, May 11, 2015

iPhone 7 Home Button Integrated Into Display Concept

The Apple's company next smartphone iPhone 7 home button will be integrated along with Touch ID sensor into the screen itself due to concept, created by Martin Hajek, designer extraordinaire.

Thanks mostly to its home button, the iPhone needs a fairly large bezel around its display. Retaining current iPhone's ultra-slim form factor, but incorporating some rumored Apple innovations like dual camera lenses, the single most stunning feature of Hajek’s proposed iPhone 7 design is a home button with Touch ID that’s built into the screen itself.

While it’s hard to criticize Apple’s design choices, smaller bezels are thing that many users would like to see from future iPhones. The iPhone 6 Plus is larger than rival devices with 5.5-inch displays — such as the LG G3 — simply because the bezels surrounding its screen are so big.

Thanks to the home button and Touch ID sensor, however, Apple could only make them so small after iPhone 7 release. But this Martin Hajek iPhone 7 concept shows how the device might look like if its home button was integrated into its screen.

The next smartphone also has an illuminated Apple logo on its back, and a new rear-facing camera that boasts two sensors. As it was detailed in recent Apple patents - for better image quality.

With edge-to-edge display and integrated iPhone 7 home button the device looks attractive. But concerning the home button inside the display it looks like it would become a distraction at times, especially when watching movies or TV shows on your iPhone.

The pictures you can see below.


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