Wednesday, May 27, 2015

iOS 9 Jailbreak Possibility With Apple's Security System Launch

With no so much time for Apple's next operating system launch the iOS 9 jailbreak possibility becomes the actual theme of discussions.

According to reports Apple is working on a whole new level of security for both iOS and the Mac. As it already known the Cupertino giant are fighting against jailbreaking and its new security system will bring a huge and a strong level of protection . Recent reports state that Apple’s upcoming iOS 9 will make it more difficult to jailbreak iOS devices. What is even more it will be nearly impossible to jailbreak an iOS device running iOS 9.

The reason is in Rootless - the kernel-level security feature. This new feature will prevent malware, increase the safety of extensions and preserve the security of sensitive data.

Apple has been plugging exploits in iOS for years, exploits that jailbreakers have historically used to gain access to parts of the system that they would normally not be able to interact with. Apple’s security efforts in iOS 9 appear to be its most prolific since iOS 5. It could make it really difficult or even impossible for hackers to develop the next jailbreaks.

Could it be possible that with iOS 9 the jailbreaking will die?

Nothing can be impossible as there are always group of determined hackers that will find the way out.

Speaking of money and iOS 9 jailbreak possibility, jailbreaking is also a big business. Sure, the iPhone business as a whole dwarfs the jailbreaking business a gazillion times over, but the money that’s to be made from jailbreaking is still nothing for us regular folks to scoff at.

And just the idea of making a large subset of users happy may be motivation enough to drive some hackers. The jailbreak community is large. This isn’t some super-obscure subset of users. Lots of people jailbreak. Being revered by all of those people might motivate some.


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