Saturday, May 30, 2015

iOS 9 Find My iPhone Feature Improved Implementations

If iOS 9 Find My iPhone feature will get some improvements or not? Since its first introduction with iOS 7 this feature makes it easy to locate lost or stolen iOS device. Due to its popularity iPhones have always been a big target for pickpockets and thieves. But Find my iPhone and Activation Lock features are a powerful theft deterrent.

Unfortunately it is still need some implementations. Because thief can easily turn off your iPhone or remove the SIM, to prevent it from being tracked or let you to remotely delete your data.

That's why many iOS users would like to improve the iOS 9 feature Find My iPhone. Here is small wish list what feature should be improved in the next mobile operating system.

The first option will be connecting the wring passcode verification. In case someone enters the wrong passcode, or if Touch ID authentication fails should be automatic setting record audio after three failed attempts and to take a photograph using the front-facing camera. The iPhone should also record the GPS co-ordinates, and upload the information to iCloud, and also send an email. all these options will be extremely useful in identifying the identity and location of the thief by law enforcement officials.

The second needed feature is the ability to easily sharing this data with law enforcement officials, just the way we can share photos and videos using iCloud Sharing. It would be really great to make complaint online, together the IMEI and Find my iPhone information. This data can be used by law enforcement officials to catch the thief.

The third security wished option is the ability to only users turn off the iPhone after authenticating using Touch ID or entering the passcode. This will ensure that unauthorized users cannot turn off the device.

The above described options will certainly make the iOS 9 Find My iPhone feature a lot more foolproof. Although qualified thief can easily prevent the device from being tracked and also from being connected to the internet, by quickly taking off the SIM. That will make these features useless.

We hope that Apple closes some of the loopholes in iOS 9 to improve the security level of iOS devices.


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