Tuesday, May 5, 2015

How To Disconnect Apple Watch From iPhone

Read the following post to learn how to disconnect Apple Watch from iPhone in case you really need to do it and find it difficult. There are several reasons one might want to unpair the two devices.

Last time we wrote you how to connect iPhone to Apple Watch and here I will show you how to upair these two devices.

You can disconnect these two devices if you have some connectivity problems between your Apple Watch and iPhone. Or you did hard restart of Apple Watch but the issue was not fixed.

The unpairing process could also be useful when selling your Apple Watch or returning it to Apple.

How To Quickly Unpair Apple Watch from iPhone 

Step1. The first step you should do to disconnect Apple Watch from iPhone is to ensure that these devices are close enough together to be connected. Then, you’ll need to launch the Apple Watch App on your iPhone.

Step 2.From there, click “My Watch” option at the bottom of the interface

Step 3. Now pick the “Apple Watch” panel, as shown in the screenshots below.

Step 4. Then click the “Unpair Apple Watch” button.

Step 5. The app will ask you to confirm that you wish to unpair the two devices. This step will delete all content and settings from the Watch. Your iPhone, although, will make a backup of your Apple Watch before completing the disconnecting process. You’ll later be able to restore that backup to a new Apple Watch if you desire.

The other way to disconnect Apple Watch from iPhone directly from your wrist is to head into the Settings app, then select General, Reset, and Erase all Content and Settings.

After the process will be completed, you can pair and setup Apple Watch with your iPhone again.


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