Friday, May 15, 2015

Hackers Via Starbucks iPhone App Steal Money

According to recent reports hackers via Starbucks iPhone app steal money from users’ credit cards, banks, and PayPal accounts.

It has been just confirmed that few customers using the coffee-maker’s smartphone app have had hundreds of dollars stolen from their accounts via customer rewards. Hackers hacked iPhone app and stole money.

The app, which allows users to pay at checkout and to reload Starbucks gift cards, has an auto-reload function that makes it easy for hackers to take from users, not needing any account numbers.

Due to fact that the Starbucks app is so widely used, it’s likely the hackers can get the username and password from another service via phishing emails and keyloggers and are successfully able to use it via the Starbucks app.

This could potentially be a big deal, too. According to CNN Money report, Starbucks has revealed in the past that it’s processed $2 billion in mobile payment transactions, and about 1 in 6 transactions at Starbucks are conducted with the Starbucks app. A source told Sullivan that Starbucks has been aware of the issue since early 2015.

Starbucks although, is suggesting that this development has nothing to do with the company accounts being hacked and has not come across any reports of user data being compromised or stolen. Instead, the company believes, it’s those weak and sometimes very standardized passwords that are to blame and customers need to put in some strong and unique credentials in place especially if they have the automatic reloading activated in the Starbucks app.

Due to fact that currently there is no resolution for this problem and hackers attempt via Starbucks iPhone app steal money the best thing you can do is have a strong password and disable the auto-reload function within the Starbucks app.


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