Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Use This Guide To Install Windows 98 On Your iPhone 6

If you want to install Windows 98 on iPhone 6 and play some games on it this guide will for sure help you to do it. You can set up Windows 98 and then install such games like Fallout 2, Age of Empires on a jailbroken iPhone.

Before start the installation process read the requirements, needed for successful results:

  • iPhone jailbroken with iFile
  • PC or a virtual machine with Windows XP or better
  • Latest version of iTunes

How To Install Windows 98 On iPhone 6 Guide

Step1. Download WinImage and iFunBox and install them.

Step 2. Download the package with Windows 98 and unzip the file.

Note: If you are using Windows 98 image file, you must always type w95 in DOSPAD

Step 3. Open the file c.img with WinImage and add iOS images of your games.

Step 4. Close the WinImage, then plug your iPhone to PC, run iFunBox and slide the files in: /User/Documents

Step 5. Disconnect your iDevice. Launch iFile and change Group and World permissions on the 3 files: c.img, dospad.cfg, w95.bat

Step 6. Open

Then install DOSPAD.

Step 7. Launch DOSPAD, type w95then press enter with virtual keyboard

Step 8. The work is done! Now you know how to install Windows 98 on iPhone 6.

The whole installation process is not so hard even for seasonal jailbroken users, but in the end, nothing beats playing some classic games like Fallout 2 and Age of Empires on your jailbroken iPhone.

Here below you can watch the detailed guide on YouTube:


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