Sunday, April 5, 2015

Setup Cydia Repos In iOS 8 With CSources2 Tweak

Use this information to setup Cydia repos in iOS 8 on your jailbroken device. Cydia is valuable source that contains tweaks and apps that are connected with jailbreak, and adds the requisite repos (also called sources) to each of the tweaks available.

Of course you can find the DEB files manually and install them by yourself. But thanks to a new tweak called CSources2, you can now manage Cydia repos in iOS 8, including the ability to backup and restore your Cydia sources list. Learn all details about it below.

CSources2 tweak is the successor to the original CSources tweak. This tweak provides a dedicated interface that allows user to toggle Cydia sources on or off without having to go deleting and re-adding them from within Cydia in iOS 8.

Users also get the options to check package details, add your notes, and see if a source is still active, along with backup/restore sources.

The key feature of this tweak is the ability to backup and restore your repos using a few simple clicks. After you will install it on your jailbroken iOS 8 you can backup all your sources to iTunes or iCloud – your preference. In case you need to update your device, or to install iOS all over again, after that you need to reinstall CSources2 tweak, hit the Restore button, and everything will be back to how you left it. As you see it is very fast and easy.

CSources2 also allows you to share your repos list with your friends / contacts, or you can email it to yourself. Install it on your device and click on “@” in the info page of the tweak, pick a contact, and you are done.

The tweak can be downloaded from the BigBoss repo in Cydia for free of charge and you will be able to setup Cydia repos in iOS 8 jailbroken device.

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