Thursday, April 2, 2015

iOS 8.2 Jailbreak Rumors Connected With Pangu Team

There are some various iOS 8.2 jailbreak rumors and we 'd want to discuss one of them. Pangu, Chinese team that developed iOS 7 and iOS 8 untethered jailbreaks, has posted an open letter. In this letter they discussed the future of iOS 8.2 and rumors connected with them, also things like money, discrimination.

After Pangu team had launched its first jailbreak for iOS 7 there have been rumors that the they had sold their jailbreak for $1 million. Stefan Esser aka I0n1c, famous iOS hacker, had accuse the Chinese team of stealing his exploits and utilizing them for a developing their jailbreak.

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Over the year the Pangu team has been receiving few hate comments, but nothing bothered them. What did really offend them, was the racist comments that I0n1c made during a recent talk at a Jailbreak convention, Syscan.

Due to the team, during the Syscan convention that recently took place in Singapore, I0n1c divided the jailbreak community into two groups: Western hackers and Chinese hackers. The Pangu team found this very discriminating and it kind of is.

In their letter Pangu talks about the following things:

  • The rumor was false that Pangu was paid $1 million to package the jailbreak.
  • The team doesn’t purchase exploits for developing their jailbreak.
  • The team did not utilize any stolen/leaked enterprise certificates.

They talked also about iOS 8.2 jailbreak rumors and their future plans to participate in jailbreaking process.

Finally, they hope to continue their work without any racial, color or religious discrimination from the community and help in developing new untethered jailbreaks.


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