Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Install iOS 6 Theme On iOS 8 Device With Jailbreak Tweak

Install iOS 6 theme on iOS 8 jailbroken device with a new jailbreak tweak. Called ClassicFolders, this tweak was created by iOS developers Jeremy Goulet and CoolStar.

ClassicFolders tweak brings the iOS 6 folder style to later iOS 7 and iOS 8 versions. The tweak brings four different folder styles: Modern look, Mavericks, Classic, iOS 4 Beta style. The Classic style changes your folder style to the legacy look of iOS 6 folders.

After you'll install ClassicFolders on your jailbroken device go to tweak’s preferences pane in Settings to configure it. Here you can enable/disable the tweak and choose a folder style from one of the four modes. By default the Modern mode keeps iOS 8 folder style while the Classic mode changes the folder style to that of iOS 6.

With enabled Modern mode, you can toggle on/off ‘Icon Outline’ and Dark Tint that darkens the folder background. If you pick Classic mode, you can enable ‘Classic Icon Shape’. This option adds a thick border to the folder icon just like iOS 6. Every time you make changes, to notice the new effect you should respring your device.

The other two are Mavericks and iOS 4 Beta which are self explanatory. One of the interesting effect is that when you enable Mavericks mode your Home screen wallpaper will also be blurred to match the folder background.

ClassicFolders is an interesting tweak that installs iOS 6 theme on iOS 8.You can purchase this tweak from Cydia’s BigBoss repository for $0.99. It supports both iOS 7 and iOS 8.


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