Saturday, April 18, 2015

iFunBox Not Working In iOS 8.3 Issue Fix

Now iFunBox not working in iOS 8.3device, as Apple has blocked file management access to this third party tools.

It looks like that TaiG jailbreak exploits were not the only utility Cupertino company blocked with its iOS 8.3 release. Utilities such as iFunBox and iExplorer, can no more access app directories on iOS devices that run iOS 8.3, given the updated security settings in Apple’s latest mobile OS version.

As Apple tightens up known security concerns with every subsequent mobile OS release. In this case the company has forced developers of many file managers and transfer utilities for OS X and iOS to launch newer versions of their software.

Currently trying to access the file system on iOS 8.3 using iFunBox results in a ‘App Sandbox access is restricted by Apple to ones with iTunes File Sharing enabled since iOS 8.3‘ popup message.

iFunBox developer had said that they totally lost the control of apps on their own devices. Till a solution will be found herein, the only way to restore the sandbox access will be to jailbreak your iOS device. If you’re jailbroken and have Cydia tweak OpenSSH installed, then you can have full access to the file system on iOS. Although, iOS 8.3 doesn’t have a jailbreak, which means you can’t use tools such as iFunbox to gain file system access and fix iExplorer iOS 8.3 issue on your device.

iFunBox updated its utility and launched version 2.95, which apparently brings a partial fix. All apps that have ‘iTunes File Sharing’ enabled, such as VLC player and any other file manager app, can be opened up in the sandbox environment as usual. But other apps will have to wait till a jailbreak solution is out.

iOS 8.3 jailbreak release will let OpenSSH to be installed onto the device for full file-system privileges including command line access and fix iFunBox not working in iOS 8.3 issue.

Consequently it will allow all iOS 8.3 devices to communicate via iFunBox as usual, without any limitations and issues.


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