Friday, April 24, 2015

How to Turn Volume HUD into Banner [iOS 8 Jailbreak Tweak]

You can use iOS 8 volume HUD as a banner on your iPhone to make it look nicer than just an oversized HUD. It appears on your display when you are clicking on the volume buttons located on the smartphone’s side. There are a lot of iOS 8 jailbreak tweaks and among them there is a trick that solves this particular issue.

How can you make the HUD much cuter when it is displayed as a transparent banner? It will pop-up whenever you are using your volume sliders and be located at the screen’s top. It is possible to change the volume using this banner.

Volume HUD Jailbreak Tweak for iOS 8 iPhone

Step 1. You can find the tweak called VolumeBanner in Cydia. It is free to download and can be found in the BigBoss repo.

Step 2. Enable the tweak after you install it.

Step 3. The jailbreak app comes with several banner styles. You can change them if you get tired of using the same one over and over again.

Step 4. Go to Settings and choose VolumeBanner.

Step 5. Enable the tool by using the switch toggle.

Step 6. Select the style of your banner.

Step 7. You can add the blur effect and customize tint color on the banner.

Step 8. Select where you want Volume banner to appear: at the bottom or top of the display.

Step 9. There is no need to respring but sometimes it is better to restart your smartphone before using the tweak as it might crash once in a while.

Step 10. You can now press on the physical volume button and change the volume using the banner that appears on your screen.

What do you think about this free iOS 8 tweak? Does it make your volume HUB more appealing?


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