Monday, April 27, 2015

How to Replace URL with Custom Text in iOS 8 iPhone Control Center [Cydia Tweak]

When you surf the web on your iPhone, listen to music and watch tons of videos the iOS 8 Control Center will show the URLs you have browsed and anyone who takes your handset can see your browsing history. Your iPhone Control Center URL can be displayed even on the lock screen. If you wish to get some privacy you can replace URLs with custom text using a useful Cydia tweak.

Since the tool is free to download you can get no URL in iPhone Control Center without paying anything. It’s a nice customization step that improves your Apple experience if you have a jailbroken handset.

How to Replace URL with Text in iOS 8 Control Center

Step 1. You should download free Cydia tweak for iOS 8 platform called CleanUp.

Step 2. Install the program on your smartphone.

Step 3. It is now time to respring the iPhone.

Step 4. Go to Settings menu where you will now be able to choose CleanUp tool and turn it on.

Step 5. You can replace URL with a custom text you’ll choose or select the default label.

Step 6. You can now browse Safari or use Chrome knowing that most URLs will be replaced with the text you have chosen.

Note that somehow URLs from YouTube aren’t fixed with this free jailbreak tweak. Everything else works pretty cool.

You can now borrow your iPhone to your friends and other people being sure that they cannot pull up your URLs from iOS 8 lock or Home screen. Your privacy should be protected.


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