Monday, April 27, 2015

How to Replace iOS 8 Contacts with Media Controls on iPhone [Tweak]

Find out how you can replace contacts on iPhone iOS 8 platform if you are jailbroken. When you regularly launch the App Switcher on this firmware version you can see your contacts, both favorite and recent, that are shown just above the preview cards. This is what you can actually replace using one of the popular App Switcher tweaks from Cydia store.

Instead of your contacts you can place media controls on the same position making your App Switcher space more useful. Instead of contacts you can get next, play/pause and previous buttons so listening to music can be easier and more fun.

Replacement Contacts with Media Control Guide for iOS 8 iPhone

Step 1. The free Cydia tweak you can use is called Muswitch. You can download it on the BigBoss repo and install on your smartphone.

Step 2. There are no configurations you can use with the tweak. It installs nothing into your Settings app but it automatically replaces contacts with media controls.

Step 3. Invoke the App Switcher and you will find the way how to control music. The tweak is useful because it also shows the title of the song you are listening to as well as the artist.

Step 4. The simple jailbreak tweak might be handy to music fans and Apple users who are not using their recent and favorite contacts.

Does the tweak support all media apps? It does.  It works with Pandora, Music app, Rdio and Spotify so you’re covered. The iOS 8 Cydia tweak works great on all smartphone models including the big iPhone 6 Plus and supports landscape orientation.

Some users find the new media tools installed by the tweak a bit oversized for the iOS 8 App Switcher. But overall they work which is great taking into consideration that the program is free to download and use.


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