Saturday, April 25, 2015

How to Quickly Get Definitions on iPhone with Jailbreak Tweak

What should you do when you have no internet connection to google the word you don’t understand? If your jailbroken Apple smartphone is nearby you can always use iPhone definition lookup option. Here is how to get definitions on iPhone through the Activator gesture.

This is fast, simple and really easy. You’ll be able to find the word definitions in two clicks. It’s a convenient method to broad your knowledge of words and understand everything you come across.

How to Get Word Definitions on iPhone

Step 1. Launch Cydia store. This is the best place to search for free jailbreak tweaks that improve your iOS 8 experience.

Step 2. Search for free tweak Define Activator in BigBoss repository.

Step 3. Download and install this no-cost tool.

Step 4. Go to Settings as you should assign the Activator gesture for your new tweak.

Step 5. Select Activator preferences and choose what gesture you wish to use.

Step 6. After you have assigned the gesture you can invoke this jailbreak application using Activator and define any word within seconds as it gives you fast access to your dictionary.

Step 7. In order to look up word definitions through Activator you should no longer hold onto the word you want to define and select Define action. You can simply invoke the tweak with the gesture you have chosen and type any words the meanings of which you will find by clicking on Define option.

This iPhone word definition lookup method is perfect for words that are not displayed on your smartphone screen. Popping up the iOS 8 dictionary via Activator is fast and really easy-to-do.



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