Monday, April 27, 2015

How To Connect iPhone To Apple Watch Two Ways

Before start to use your brand new wearable device you need to know how to connect iPhone to Apple Watch.

Please remember you should have an iPhone 5 or later if you want to start to use Apple Watch. Your iPhone should run iOS 8.2 or later, as this firmware has brought the smartwatch companion app that is needed for pairing process.

To check your firmware navigate to Settings > General > About options and check the Version number. If it shows 8.2 or later, then you good to go ahead. If not, navigate to Settings > next General > then Software Update and upgrade to the iOS latest version.

How To Connect iPhone To Apple Watch Via Companion App

Press and hold the side button to turn on your Apple Watch after release. It will ask you to set the language on the wearable device. To continue, from the list, click on your preferred language.

When settled, launch the Apple Watch companion app, and click the My Watch tab. Then the button that says Start Pairing will appear on both devices. Click this button and hold your Apple Watch up to the camera so that it aligns with the viewfinder on the Apple Watch App. This step should automatically pair Apple Watch with your iPhone.

How To Connect iPhone To Apple Watch Manually 

In case you have faced with some problems during the automatic pairing process, you can manually pair your Apple Watch by clicking the Pair Apple Watch Manually button at the bottom of the pairing page.

Step 1. After that simply click the “i” icon on your wearable device to view its name, and then click the name in the devices list on the Apple Watch companion app. Hold the smartwatch up in front of your iPhone’s camera, and align it with the viewfinder.

Step 2. After the Apple Watch is successfully paired,then click on Set Up Apple Watch option.

Step 3. To specify on which hand you’ve worn the Apple Watch Click on Left or Right

Step 4. Agree to the Terms and Conditions. Next you will be asked to log in to Apple ID if two-step verification is enabled, then it will prompt you to send the verification code to one of your trusted devices. Now click on the device from the list to receive it. Then enter the code to log in to your Apple ID.

Step 5. The next screen will display information about Location Services. Click on OK to continue.

Step 6. Next click on OK again on the next screen which explains how Siri works.

Step 7. Click on Automatically Send or Don’t Send to send or not to automatically send diagnostic information to Apple, which would help in improving the product.

Sep 8. On the next screen, to create a simple 4-digit passcode for Apple Watch click on Create a Passcode. Apple Watch locks when you take it off, and will require a passcode to unlock it. Click on Long passcode if you want to create a long passcode instead. Remember, you will need to enter the passcode on the Apple Watch and but not on your iPhone.

Step 9. Click on Yes on your Watch, if you want to unlock Apple Watch with your iPhone as long as you’re wearing it. If you don’t pick this option then you will need to enter the passcode every time you want to unlock your wearable.

Ste 10. Click on Install All, if you want to install all the Apple Watch companions apps for the apps installed on your iPhone. How to connect iPhone to Apple Watch process is successfully done. Your Apple Watch will start syncing with your iPhone.


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