Wednesday, April 8, 2015

How To Change iOS 8.2 Interface On iOS Devices

Use this guide to find out how to change iOS 8.2 interface on your device. Check some of the most interesting user interface improvements that Apple brought with 8.2 iOS launch.

Interactive Notifications

iOS 8.2 allows developers gain custom actions to notifications as replying for messages, declining/accepting for calendar invites, archiving or trashing for mails, and others. This is very useful feature, especially when you don't want to leave the current app and need to respond to a message fast.

Control Center

iOS 8.2 brought the new look to the Control Center. Now there is no black border around the icons, and the toggle's active state is introduced by a white background.

Safari Tab change gesture

The new feature allows you to switch to another Safari tab very fast.

With iOS 8.2 update Apple gained on iPad the Tab view changes to Safari. Now it is more organized.

Quick Swipe in Mail app

In the iOS 8.2 Mail app, you are able to swipe to the right to point email as read or unread and swipe to the left to erase it.

Mail Compose

Another iOS 8.2 user interface is a redesigned Mail compose window. Now it is easier to jump between your Inbox and a draft email. Now you can copy the needed info to compose your message. Swipe down the compose window to diminish it at the bottom, and click on it again to bring it back.

Lock screen apps

With the iOS 5 Apple added an option to quick launch the Camera from the device's Lock screen. iOS 8.2 brought two new options to the Lock Screen

The first feature is Handoff . It allows you to transport your work from iOS to Mac to and vice versa. For example, you have a Numbers document that are opened on your Mac, you’ll also see a Numbers icon on your iPhone’s lock screen.

The second feature is location-based app recommendations. Based on your location at present time iOS 8.2 can show app shortcuts on the Lock Screen. For example when you’re located near an Apple Store you’ll be shown the icon of the Apple Store app at the bottom left of your lock screen.

Messages Quick Send

One of iOS 8.2 most cool addition to Messages app is a new way to quickly send photo, video or even audio recordings. All you need to start recording is to press and hold the camera or microphone icon, and then swipe up to send.

Now you know how to change iOS 8.2 interface on your iOS device to make it more interesting and more easier in usage.


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