Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Erase Apps On iPhone At Once With MultiDelete Tweak

Do you know how to erase apps on iPhone at once. Due to fact that iOS platform does not allow you to delete multiple apps at the same time using wiggle mode. Although, happy owners of jailbroken devices with a new Cydia tweak called MultiDelete will be able you to do just that.

MultiDelete is a simple jailbreak tweak with one simple job to do. It simultaneously erases several apps. Of course to get this tweak you should have jailbroken iPhone.

After you will install the tweak on your device, it will do what you normally do to remove an app. All you need to do is to hold on an app and wait for wiggle mode to be activated. But now, instead of erasing one app at once, you will be able to delete several at the same time.

When in wiggle mode a red ‘X’ mark will appear on the apps. It means that MultiDelete tweak is activated. Just select all the apps you need to delete by clicking on the red ‘X’, then select the grey ‘X’ button to erase apps on iPhone at once. Of course you’ll be asked for confirmation before deleting chosen apps.

MultiDelete is a free jailbreak tweak, that is available in the BigBoss repo right now. It works on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and requires iOS 8 or later. As you see with the jailbroken device you will get multiple abilities for your device's usage as it provides you with various new technologies and improvements.


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