Sunday, March 22, 2015

Where To Download iPhone Antivirus App To Protect Device

If you don't know where to download iPhone antivirus app here is useful information for you. Read it below.

A new report claims Apple company again is clamping down on the items available within its App Stores. And due this report, Apple has seemingly decided to remove antivirus and antimalware apps from the App Store. However Apple company didn't introduce any official statement on this policy change. Apple’s loose guidelines allow them to pull pretty much anything at any time, particularly something like antivirus which has questionable utility within the sandboxed iOS environment of iPhones and iPads.

It is noted in the report that some apps are still showing up when a search is run within the App Store for “antivirus”. Although after further inspection introduces that these apps are games not actually anti-virus products, and some are apps replicating the Find my iPhone feature within the “mobile security” section.

Truly say, App Store search is not the most comprehensive test . But many antivirus apps have definitely been removed, if not all. Many of the true antivirus apps have been erased, including “Anti-Virus Detector.”It is no longer available however it is unclear exactly when this year the app was removed. It was last listed in December. A number of other previously available apps with a similar description are no longer available either.

Perhaps it’s a longtime coming, considering the sandbox nature of iOS apps for Apple’s mobile products, but the move is certainly abrupt if it is the case.


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