Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Wanna Dismiss iOS 8 Alarm on iPhone? Solve a Math Problem First

Developers have a good sense of humor and they like to create awesome and exciting iOS 8 alarm tweaks to make your morning better [you can even clone your alarm on iPhone]. If you enjoy taking a second nap before getting up and get late to work because of this, install a cool Cydia tweak on your iPhone and it will not let you dismiss your alarm until you solve a math problem. This can wake you up much quicker.

ArithmeticAlarm8 is one of the fun iPhone jailbreak tweaks that doesn’t let users to snooze or dismiss their smartphone alarm with ease. This tool isn’t free but it might be cool to pay $0.99 to get something like this on your gadget.

Once you install it [you can download ArithmeticAlarm8 on BigBoss repository] it will show different math equations which you have to solve each time you want to turn off or snooze your alarm in the mornings. It’s a smart way to quickly sharp your brain and fully wake up.

How does it work? With the program installed on a jailbroken iPhone you will see a pop-up arithmetic problem each time your alarm rings and this problem is required to be solved in order to give you full access to your alarm. Without giving the right answer you cannot deactivate / snooze the alarm.

The tweak lets you choose the difficulty of problems you’ll get. It’s a nice game to get in the morning, isn’t it?


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