Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Is It Possible to Jailbreak iOS 8.2 Public Version on iPhone and iPad?

Apple released iOS 8.2 and a lot of iPhone users began to wonder how to jailbreak iOS 8.2 public platform. You probably remember that it became possible to untether jailbreak iOS 8.2 beta 1 and beta 2 but it is impossible to restore to these betas even if you have ipsw file saved on your computer because Apple doesn’t sign both versions.

Those who had a chance to untether don’t hurry to install iOS 8.2 because they are interested in iOS 8.2 jailbreak and hackers haven’t said much about such a possibility yet. We still have some news on the update which comes with improvements and saves a lot of bugs.

According to Apple, it has secured its new firmware. Is it possible to jailbreak iOS 8.2 right now? No, it is not. There are no programs from Chinese and American hackers and we don’t know if they can find a solution this time or how long it might take them.

The ‘fruit’ giant reported that is patched six flaws in security of iOS 8.2. The flaws included iCloud Keychain, CoreTelephony, IOSurface, Secure Transport, MobileStorageMounter and SpringBoard.

MobileStorageMounter was used in TaiG jailbreak tool, and Apple has killed it for now giving a credit to the Chinese TaiG team of hackers that discovered this bug. PP Jailbreak security vulnerability was also patched.

Let’s wait for hackers. They might figure out a new way out to jailbreak iOS 8.2 iPhone and iPad.


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