Tuesday, March 10, 2015

iPhone 6 vs. HTC M9: Comparison and Thoughts

Why could it be interesting to compare iPhone 6 and HTC M9? Fans of each gadget have their personal reasons for purchasing the firm they respect and love. At the same time, while Apple’s iPhone 6 has become very popular across the world in the end of 2014 the Android gadget M9 was believed to follow the success of its predecessor HTC One M8.

When you take a close look at iPhone 6 vs. HTC M9 you can see how their designs are different. M9 reminds of M8 but it gets slight refinements to its metal body with additional mirrored edges that weren’t present on the previous model.

In other words, you see the very same HTC One which is named M9 instead of M8. HTC only worked on the gadget’s cameras and speakers.

While comparing HTC One M9 vs iPhone 6 you can say that Apple made its new smartphone a great device in 2014 and 2015 while HTC’s gadget is certainly cool for the last year but not enough for 2015.

Right now the market offers the popular iPhone 6, 6 Plus and waiting for new Samsung Galaxy S6 that reminds of Apple’s gadget. HTC M9 can’t compete in terms of thickness and modern features because it is heavier and thicker than other highly demanded smartphones are and it still doesn’t offer a fingerprint scanner which is already becoming a new premium flagship’s standard.

New customers who take a look at HTC and Apple gadgets will surely like to ‘taste’ its software to see how well it integrates with services and the phone itself. It is really hard for Android to beat iOS here when it comes to M9 model. Besides, having the same design for a couple of years in a row and value the phone only for its design is not something a modern consumer will do, is it?

A user who likes the old M8 won’t upgrade to M9 because there are no reasons to do so. It is easier to just purchase a device from a different brand that really upgrades and brings new awesome features along with a different look.


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