Friday, March 20, 2015

iOS 9 Concept Reveals Interesting Features and Changes

The next major mobile firmware update from Apple is expected to unveil in early June at WWDC where developers and public testers will get the first beta of iOS 9. Right now the company has just upgraded iOS 8.3 beta 3, but designers already share their iOS 9 concept videos to let their imagination reach iPhone and iPad users.

Right now we don’t have too many iOS 9 rumors because most users and experts are closely following the news about Apple Watch release. It’s hard to write about iOS 9: what to expect right now because there are no official statements and all the information will be revealed in mid-2015.

At the moment, we can share the iOS 9 concept created by Ralph Theodory. The changes he is trying to introduce look nice and they might make the mobile experience for ‘fruit’ gadgets much nicer.

You can watch the video with the concept by Theodory:

Apple always has its own vision of its firmware for mobile devices. It will surely improve its iOS 9, optimize it and build in some new features and options to wow customers. This company likes to keep secrets and make customers curious on what it is doing and how it can impress the market.

How do you imagine the next iOS 9?


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