Monday, March 9, 2015

iOS 8 vs. iOS 3 Comparison Shows iOS 8 Slower on iPhone

Who could think of comparing iOS 8 vs iOS 3 after iOS 8.2 beta release? Some users do like to take a look at different Apple products, from the past and present. The current iOS has a lot of drawbacks and lacks some things previous versions had, at the same time it offers more features, options and works great on the current iPhone 6 Plus and 6.

Still some users have an older iPhone model and if they compare iOS 8 and iOS 3 they will be surprised just like William Van Hacke was who even shared a video about the two versions running on Apple smartphones.

iOS 8 Slower than iOS 3

As Hacke notes, animations run faster on iOS 3 than on iOS 8 if you take a look at the iPhone 4 and modern iPhone 6. But this is the feeling you get. If you look at how quickly animations work, you will believe that the old version of mobile operating system was faster than the current one.

Watch the video yourself:

It looks like iOS 3 animations complete faster on iPhone 4 than iOS 8 animations on iPhone 6 Plus / 6. Still experts think that such a sense of slow motion happens because of slower animation tails that take place on both iOS 8 and 7. This feeling is false.

There are different iOS 8 Cydia tweaks that can reduce these tails and make your animations finish faster. But this will work if you have jailbroken your gadget.


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