Monday, March 9, 2015

How to Turn on WhatsApp Calls on iOS 8 iPhone [Jailbreak Tweak]

iOS 8 users can now enable WhatsApp Call on iPhone. This is a new feature introduced by WhatsApp to Android platform. Since the developers haven’t brought VoIP calling service to Apple devices yet, hackers found a way to create a jailbreak tweak which makes it work on your iDevice before it has become public.

It is curious that WhatsApp has already added a call button to iOS 8 platform but users can’t use it because it is still disabled. In order to enable WhatsApp Calls on iPhone you can use a jailbreak tweak WhatsAppCallEnabler but you have to be jailbroken in the first place.

How to Turn on WhatsApp Calls on iPhone

Step 1. Launch Cydia and add a new repo to its list. This time it should be as the tool we need was developed by iMokhles team.

Step 2. Search, download and install WhatsAppCallEnabler tweak.

Step 3. Since the option is officially disabled by WhatsApp you cannot receive calls through it. But the tweak makes it possible for you to place VoIP calls to Android gadgets since the option is activated only on this platform at the moment.

Step 4. Make phone calls and wait till WhatsApp Calls become officially enabled on iOS 8 smartphones.

What do you think about the tweak? Do you find it useful or not? By the way, you can also learn how to stop accidental calls on iOS 8 iPhone which can make your everyday life more comfortable with this Apple smartphone in your pocket.


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