Friday, March 13, 2015

How to Install iOS 8.2 on iPhone Using iTunes [Instruction]

The whole iOS 8.2 installation guide is rather simple. Some users have already updated via OTA directly from iPhone or iPad, but since there were too many people who wanted to upgrade Apple servers might have been too busy to let everyone who wished to install iOS 8.2 do so as this firmware has the Apple Watch app. If you haven’t upgraded yet but still want to run this firmware version, you can follow our guide that asks you to use iTunes.

How to Install iOS 8.2 on iPhone

Just as we said above, this process is simple and fast. Follow the step-by-step instruction and you’ll get all the new features and bug fixes offered by 8.2 update. Remember that if you are jailbroken you will lose jailbreak after this installation. There is no way you can untether at the moment because Apple patched the exploits used by Chinese hackers [TaiG and PP Jailbreak] and these teams haven’t released a new solution yet.

Step 1. Before you use our update to iOS 8.2 instructions you should backup using iCloud / iTunes.

Step 2. Make sure your iTunes is the latest version available.

Step 3. Recheck and make sure your iDevice is supported by the new firmware. It can run on any iPhone starting with the iPhone 4S and up to 6 Plus, iPod touch 5G only and all iPad mini and iPad Air models. iPad users can install it on the tablet starting with iPad 2 and later.

Step 4. Use a USB cable and plug in the mobile device to your computer.

Step 5. Launch iTunes.

Step 6. When iTunes detects the smartphone or tablet you have you can click on your iDevice icon. You can find it in the top menu next to iTunes Store.

Step 7. Press on ‘Check for Update’ option and wait. Maybe iTunes can detect iOS 8.2 and automatically download it.

Step 8. If automatic upgrade doesn’t work you can download iOS 8.2 ipsw through direct links we have already posted. This is safe and also fast. If you are using Safari browser you have to turn off auto unzip option. If you are using Firefox / Chrome there is nothing to change. Unzip the file.

Step 9. Click on Update and wait till the OS is installed.


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