Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Download TinyUmbrella For iOS 8.2 iPhone The Latest Beta

Now it is possible to download TinyUmbrella for iOS 8.2 iPhone, as its developer Semaphore aka notcom, has pushed new beta update for the his tool. TinyUmbrella is the tool that allows you to take a backup of SHSH blobs.

A week back Semaphore had launch TinyUmbrella beta, which was rewritten from ground up and a lot more easier in usage. He has also stated that in the future it maybe possible to downgrade to an older iOS version using SHSH blobs.

With this new beta update, Semaphore has also introduced described details about the changes and improvements in TinyUmbrella which will allow you to downgrade ios 8 device to the previous versions.

Now the tool will gain architecture detection. It means that it will warn user in case iTunes is a different architecture. TinyUmbrella will not be able to detect your device, in case this tool and iTunes are not the same architecture.

This latest build removed race conditions revolving around startup and the handling of files. TinyUmbrella was failing to detect very old (3.x) SHSH formats. The developer has fixed this bug. Semaphore also added device highlighting from SHSH table feature. It means that when you select a signature in the table, the corresponding device is highlighted in the device tree.

Longer TSS Fetch cooldown is important fix as if we hit the TSS servers too fast, their flood detection will kick in and we will earn ourselves a nice temporary IP ban.

The developer also plans to add the on-device SHSH fetching feature for A7 and A8 devices. If you have used the previous version of TinyUmbrella beta to save the SHSH blobs, then you don’t need to use it again. If not, then you can download TinyUmbrella for iOS 8.2 iPhone and save them. Use this link to get the latest beta version of Semaphore's tool.


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