Monday, March 2, 2015

Comex Presents Cydia Substrate Alternative: Substitute for iOS 8 Available for Download

Hacker Comex who promised to help develop and release an alternative to Cydia store with jailbreak tweaks has presented Substitute in alpha. Jailbroken users who are interested to try this package can download it from GitHub, according to reports. Comex Substitute supports iOS 8 but hacker says that this tool hasn’t been tested yet so don’t expect it to be stable.

The news about Cydia alternative has been appearing for a long time. Not many users even believed that such a solution can appear, but in early March of 2015 you can give it a try and test it [beware all the possible risks].

The Substitute is promised to be an open source free of charge. This is at true alternative to Cydia since you can port it to nearly any platform and add more features to it. It has been created for the future iMods jailbreak store that was also promised to be created as Cydia alternative.

Developers and fans of jailbreaking can now download Substitute and test its alpha form. This brings many flaws and possible bugs, errors and other problems. If you are running firmwares that can be re-jailbroken in case anything goes wrong, backup and try this new option. If you are running iOS 8.2 beta 1 or 2 that you jailbroke when Apple was still signing these firmwares, you better stay away from experiences since the iPhone maker stopped signing both betas.

There are no guarantees that Comex’s code works as he didn’t test it. But you can search for buggy places and help develop and improve this alternative.


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