Friday, March 6, 2015

Can I Unlock My Out of Contract Sprint iPhone 6 If I Paid Its Full Price?

Is it possible to unlock Sprint iPhone 6 out of contract model or the iPhone 6S purchased at the full price? This question troubles the minds of a lot of customers who got the gadget locked or connected to Sprint U.S. network.

It is curious that Sprint customers who directly contact their mobile operator get the same answer to their question. Their off contract model has nothing to do with unlocked status. Such models can be unlocked for using on a foreign network but cannot be unlocked within the U.S. to use with T-Mobile, AT&T or even Verizon.

Users who got their iPhone 6 from Sprint and paid in full for it wonder why this model isn’t unlocked in the first place. Talking with the mobile operator isn’t that cool, especially when you hear that they cannot and will not make you never-locked inside the United States.

When you purchase your Sprint iPhone 6 Plus or 6 [at the full price, or at the subsidized cost, contract or out of contract] you get it unlocked for international use. But it is still locked on Sprint network inside the country so you cannot connect to AT&T or other American carriers by switching the SIM card.

According to Sprint, its mobile devices can be only unlocked to use with Ting mobile since it uses the Sprint’s network. All other CDMA and GSM networks are out of reach for the customer, but once again, these are just words and information that come directly from this company and make users believe they are not able to transfer to Verizon which is also CDMA network just like Sprint or AT&T / T-Mobile which are GSM networks.

While Sprint technicians keep saying that the unlock by MSL code is impossible and you cannot use your smartphone with other CDMA and GSM carriers because Sprint uses specific requirements hardcoded in your firmware, there is a solution.

At the same time, you can somehow insert a Vodafone or international T-Mobile SIM card and get a signal. How can it be possible?

If your iPhone can use GSM network overseas, it can also connect to GSM networks inside the U.S. If your gadget uses CDMA network it can connect to all CDMA carriers in any country of the world, but only after you unlock Sprint iPhone 6 out of contract / iPhone 6S out of contract.

You can order iPhone 6 Sprint factory unlock by IMEI code. This works for both contract and out of contract models. You just have to make sure your IMEI is clean. This way in case of successful unlocking you will be able to connect to any mobile operator inside and outside the United States.

If you want to get direct unlock from Sprint, your only choice is to wait for 90 days after you activate your account and then ask the carrier [call it at 1-888-211-4727] to provide you with the MSL code to unlock your gadget for use with international networks. The company will not unlock your gadget for domestic usage, remember about it.

Users who haven’t purchased their iPhone 6 / 6 Plus yet are advised to buy the unlocked iPhone 6 directly from Apple. This way you have to worry about nothing as all carriers will be supported by your model.


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