Thursday, March 26, 2015

Best iPhone Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8 [March 2015]

The list of the best tweaks for iOS 8 is growing fast and since Apple released iOS 8.2 [here is how you can download iOS 8.2 on your iDevice to install it using iTunes], devs have more work to do. The new cool jailbreak apps will appear along with numerous updates of previously launched tweaks.

We took some time to mention the top iOS 8 tweaks which can make iPhone usage simpler and faster. Some of the tools are free to download, others costs around a buck.

We have mentioned the free CClean iOS 8 tweak before. It is a popular way to make your Control Center look neat as you can hide some of its elements and play with separators / background making it nicer. If you are a fan of elegant minimalistic looks, this might be a good tool to start with while customizing your iPhone.

There is a one-dollar tweak called Melodic that can become a part of your native Music application. It’s a fast way to share music with your friends via Messages / Airplay. It’s a nice program for music fans.

If you are typing a lot of text messages you might be interested in replacing Return option with Send button on the iPhone. This can be done with a free ReturnToSender jailbreak tweak designed for iOS 8 platform. It has some inner settings you can adjust to make it comfortable to use.

Users who like to sleep longer in the mornings can install the dollar ArithmaticAlarm8 tweak that makes you solve a math equation before you can dismiss your alarm. This can wake up your brains and make your mornings sharper.

There is another way to change the look of iOS 8 Notification Center. Instead of CClean you can use SimpleCenters worth a dollar. This Cydia tweak allows hiding CC and NC elements and also brings minimalistic look to the iPhone.


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