Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Apple Store Outage Caused Problems in Offline Retail Stores Globally

This week began with a big announcement made by Apple. The company rolled out iOS 8.2 update which you can download online and presented its new wearable product called Apple Watch. This smartwatch will do a lot the iPhone does. It will be released in April with pre orders being taken as early as April 10. The announcements were followed by a long Apple Store outage which caused issues both online and offline.

The information about Apple Store down problems worried users who wished to purchase or update apps through the App Store or iTunes store but received error message or saw a blank page instead.

This very same problem with Apple Store not working online lead to problems offline. As reports state, some retail stores couldn’t work because the company’s systems were down. As Apple later reported, the issues appeared due to the DNS outage. While online users suffered from not being able to sign into their accounts and make online purchases, employees in European App Stores that work offline couldn’t make sales, check in to work and do other duties. They were only able to talk to consumers and answer calls of a lot of frustrated users who didn’t like the outage.

It took the iOS giant about 11 hours to fix the issue. Apple apologized to its customers.


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