Saturday, February 7, 2015

Xiaomi Aims at Apple with Its iPhone Copy

Cheap iPhone copies in China are not a secret to anyone. Different local manufacturers like to release replicas to popular smartphones and other gadgets. For example, one rising local star, Xiaomi, has a big plan aiming at Apple with its iPhone like phones.

This firm has just presented its new smartphone model that reminds of the highly popular iPhone 6. But once you compare the Xiaomi device to the iOS smartphones you will notice how different they are even though they do have much in common [judging by the design, not features].

Xiaomi iPhone copy is thinner, lighter and, you have already guessed it, way cheaper. Its starting cost is around $375 while the seventh-generation iPhone 6 is sold starting at $865 in China. You see how huge the difference in pricing is. No wonder, local customers who dream about the iPhone 6 but can’t afford paying nearly $900-$1000 for a unit are eager to spend less than $400 and purchase its copy.

According to Xiaomi, it paid much attention to all the details to create a good copy. The cheaper Apple device replica is surely not as good as the original cell phone. Users are still eager to purchase copies and Xiaomi that was founded only in 2010 managed to beat Samsung in Q2 2014 becoming the top-selling cell phone brand in China.

Xiaomi wants to enter the U.S. and European markets sometime in the future but these are just its big plans and no one knows if they are ever to be implemented in reality.

The Chinese market has a nice choice of cheap iPhone copies with Xiaomi, Huawei and Lenovo releasing similar smartphones at lower prices.


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