Thursday, February 26, 2015

Some Thoughts on Apple Watch Design, Release and Steve Jobs

Who can talk about Steve Jobs and Apple products these days? Designers and famous people like to mention the former CEO in their speeches and Apple design chief Jonathan Ive is not an exception. He has recently talked about Apple Watch design [the first fake wearable was sold for $260 in China] and discussed a number of other topics related to the ‘fruit’ giant.

The designer remembers how Steve Jobs visited the company’s design studio at Two Infinite Loop when he returned to the iOS giant back in 1997. The two men became friends since then. As Ive recounts, Job was excited about working together. And their collaboration soon resulted in iMac device release.

Talking about live Apple Watch event that should take place in April 2015, Ive says that this product was conceived before Jobs died from pancreatic cancer in October 2011.

As the designer notes, with Apple it is difficult to build time line for the company’s products [the original Apple Watch was released back in the 90s] because a lot of great ideas appeared before 2011 and are now being implemented into life. That was the time for huge appetite for investigations and the Cupertino-based giant was happily investigating and following its ‘Think Different’ strategy.

We’ll soon see the public release of the Apple Watch which should carry a customizable design but will lack some of the features the firm wanted to include in the first generation product. Most of the options that will be absent in the next iOS 8.2, according to reports, are related to Health field. The gadget will not track your blood pressure or heart rate.

The new wearable is being awaited by a lot of customers who already have the iPod touch, the iPhone and the iPad. How will Apple surprise the world this time? Do you have any ideas?


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