Saturday, February 7, 2015

Saurik Updates Cydia Store Design for iOS 8 iPhone Users

Popular Cydia sources for iOS 8 firmware, iOS 7 and earlier versions bring tons of tweaks and useful tricks for iPhone users. Jay Freeman is a well-known hacker who has created Cydia. He is also known as Saurik. He has recently rolled out an interesting update.

What does the new Cydia jailbreak store update bring users? You can see the new design of it which looks modern and flatter just like the new iOS 8 platform. Such changes were promised by Saurik. He kept his word and surprised all jailbroken users with the upgrade.

In case you launch Cydia store for iOS 8 devices and don’t see new changes, you can try to click on Reload option that is located in the top right corner of the store. It will update and display the new look. What do you think about it?

The design comes out after Saurik promised the new features and some updates while responding to another hacker, Comex who reported he was working on Cydia Substrate alternative for iMods jailbreak store. This new store hasn’t been released yet and no one can tell you when it is launched and if it is ever launched. Comex said he was helping the iMods team to develop an alternative to Cydia with an open source.

The most improvements are seen on Cydia home page. Some minor changes are added to some of its other pages. It truly looks cleaner and more accurate.


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