Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Saurik Dev Team Working on Cydia Improvements and New Features

Saurik dev team who stands behind the well-known Cydia store also known as Cydia Substrate heard that Comex [another famous hacker] is working on Cydia replacement creation. The latest Saurik news mentions that Jay Freeman [who we know as Saurik] is currently working on further development for his Substrate and planning to introduce new features.

Saurik Cydia source is closed and Comex wants to develop an open source platform for users. Mr. Freeman has his own ideas and thoughts about this. He writes in his blog, that users prefer getting closed source software because they have only short-term interests. He is sure that this is the main reason why open source platforms merely exist.

At the same time Saurik news mentions that he also has some projects that are open source [Freeman uses a lot of Cydia tweaks]. The applications Cydget, WInterBoard and Veency are of this kind, but still Jay had to admit that the decision taken by Comex disappoints him. He believes that the iMods team is not for the open platform but mostly for commercialization of the software. He thinks that previously hackers tried to defeat such ideas.

Saurik wants to be available ‘behind the scenes’ to iOS devs and repos. He also wants to roll out some new options for Cydia to update its home page and improve some other things. The Substrate update is also on his list of plans for the future.


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